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Urban MilkShuttle

New dosing out handle for the MilkShuttle

From Summer 2017 on, the Urban MilkShuttle will be delivered with this new dosing out handle. There will be no mechanical hook anymore, instead we installed a button to open the valve for the dosing process. The dispensing handle is ergonomically formed and can be easily handled even with smaller hands.

Cooling of the milk inside the MilkShuttle

With the new ice water maker, you can already cool small amounts of milk during an extended period of time. Thus the milk can be stored for a long time.

New drive for the MilkShuttle

  • Control switch with resonance sensors from serial-no. G6
  • higher driving speed
  • Startup of the MilkShuttle reacts quicker

Low level indicator now via float switch

from serial-no. G6 on

MilkShuttle Duo – faster calf feeding

Two Milk Shuttles are easily combined thanks to a special connection. A smaller MilkShuttle can be attached to the larger MilkShuttle by means of a trailer coupling (hitch). Up to 350 liters can be transported in two containers in one operation. Thanks to the wide wheelbase and the low center of gravity as well as the electric drive and the engine brake, this amount can easily be moved even in rough terrain, without the danger of tipping over. With the MilkShuttle Duo, calves can be fed more quickly with less labor and to their physiological requirements.

Urban Hygiene Station

  • Antibacterial teat / nipple
  • Fully automatic teat / nipple cleaning after each drinking process
  • Disinfection after each drinking (option)

Interruption of the pathogen transmission from one calf to the other via the teat / nipple.

Urban Hygiene Bucket

  • bucket made of antibacterial material (colloidal silver)
  • antibacterial teat / nipple
  • transparent: for sight and level control

Deficiencies in cleaning the bucket are much easier perceptible.