Dairy Farm Dodenhoff

Family Dodenhoff / Jüchters Gbr

Hastedter Str. 25 27386 Bothel

Day of the open farm with visits of the calf barn the 08.09.2019 from 10 - 16 o'clock

Dairy farm with approx. 100 cows

1000 fattening pigs and 500 KW biogas

After the old calf pen burned down in 2018, the family built a new pen for their calves in 2019. It was important to the family that the new barn had plenty of air and light. 4 calf group pens were built. On one side, the calves will be standing from the 2nd week of life until they are weaned. Afterwards they are rehoused into the opposite pens.

The milk drinking calves are fed by an Alma Pro 12 inch, there are two feeding stations, a powder additive feeder and a connection to feed also whole milk with the feeder. In this way the calves can also be fed with individual mixtures of whole milk and milk replacer.

The family has chosen the Alma Pro calf feeder from Urban because they liked its clear, simple and intuitive operation.

In the 2 calf pens of the small calves there are 2 large capacity hutches to provide the calves with a protected sleeping area.

Conclusion of the Dodenhoff family: since the new calf barn was built, they no longer had any problems with respiratory diseases of the calves, which they had to deal with more frequently in the old building.