Urban Alma Pro Hygiene System

Hygiene is very important in the stable. The Urban automatic feeding system includes all milk-carrying parts and hoses in the fully automatic cleaning cycle with alternating two detergents.

Optionally, it is possible to equip the automatic feeder with one or more hygiene stations: The movable nipple / teat swivels away after each drinking so that it can be cleaned, it is fly-free and the calves do not block the drinking station. Furthermore, there is the possibility to desinfect the nipple in addition to rinsing with water. The usage of the nipple / teat is reduced and pathogens can not migrate from calf to calf via the nipple / teat.

How the teat / nipple cleaning works

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Fully automatic cleaning (standard)

  • All milk carrying parts are protected from flies and dirt and included in the standard cleaning process
  • Loop system: no plugging in of any additional hoses necessary
  • Frequency and duration of cleaning variable as desired
  • Fully automatic cleaning programm with 2 detergents (alkaline and acidic) in alteration
  • Pre-Heater (option): increasing the capacity to 6KW (feed up to 20 calves more) incl. two - phase cleaning

Hygiene Station

  • Fully automatic teat / nipple cleaning
  • Hygiene station (option) with retraction and cleaning of the teat after each drinking process
  • interruption of the pathogen transmission from one calf to the other via the teat.
  • Less usage / loss of the teat (nipple)
  • The station is not blocked by calves just  playing with teat (nipple)
  • Station is extendible and adjustable
  • One feeder can supply up to 4 stations
  • Drinking station with electronic device and display which shows the actual amount of milk entitlement and feed quantity countdown
  • 3 temperature sensors (at the station, feeder and at the heated mixing bowl):
  • milk temperature is controlled directly at the drinking station and circulates automatically.

Parallel feeding

  • Parallel feeding stations (option) also with the hygiene station possible
  • Simultaneous supply of 4 calves at four different drinking stations.
  • No waiting times at the drinking station, thus increased machine capacity
  • Simplified teaching, especially when housing larger groups of animals
  • Individual feeding is also with parallel mode possible: - milk temperature is controlled directly at the
    drinking station and circulates automatically if temperature is not correct
  • Feed additives, whole milk and different CMRs to different groups
  • Individual feeding of one or more animals with medicine or additives
  • Automatic switch over from individual to parallel feeding