Urban Alma Pro L

The URBAN Alma Pro L automatic feeder provides your lambs with fresh milk. Milk is available at all times at a consistent temperature and concentration. According to their individual needs, the lambs consume species appropriate amounts in small feed portions spread across the day.


Species-appropriate feeding - around the clock

Metabolic programming as a result of intensive feeding

Individual feeding

Consistent milk concentration

Consistent milk temperature

Health monitoring

Improved growth rate

Labour saving

Solutions for small and big herds

Deshalb: Urban Alma Pro L

With the Urban Alma Pro L, you can customize the amount of work in calf rearing economically, without sacrificing the animal welfare.

Cleaning buckets, mixing portions and transporting milk are tasks that can be saved with the use of an automatic feeder.

Flexibility – independant of feeding times

  • Healthy lambs = less losses of lambs = less costs = more profit
  • Easy use and data retrieval via touchscreen, smartphone or PC
  • Successful Farming: The Urban Alma Pro is an investment, which pays off

Full functionality and alarm function with iPhone, iPad, Android- and Windows-smartphone as well as via PC

With the smart device or PC you can use all functions of the Urban Alma Pro L  from monitoring until adjusting the feeding curves. Thanks to the alarm system you can recognise a suspect calf, even when you are not in the barn. 

Fully automatic cleaning program (standard)

  • All milk carrying parts are protected from flies and dirt
  • Loop system (circulation cleaning): Cleaning takes place without the hassle of plugging in or out any hoses
  • Frequency and duration of cleaning variable as desired
  • 2 detergents (alkaline and acidic) as a standard

Double feeding stations for lambs (standard)

  • Identifies reliably each lamb by means of its ear tag with integrated transponder (chip)
  • The width of the station and the height level of the teat can easily be adjusted
  • The integrated FIT sensor allows for parallel feeding at both suction points
  • The drinking speed is recorded and analysed for each individual animal
  • Valve unit prevents "milk stealing"
  • Quick - change teat - thanks to teat holder with snap closure
  • Parallel feeding thanks to two FIT sensors
  • Temperature sensors at the station - always consistent warm milk

User-friendly: Feeding via touchscreen

Unique monitoring and convenient sertting and adjustment of feeding curves alloq you to feed the animals appropriate to their individual needs and to make calf rearing more efficient and profitable.

Animal health at a glance

The Urban Alma Pro L knows the individual daily requirement of your lambs: Every lamb gets exactly the individual entitled amount of milk. You can see how often the animal drank and which quantities did it consume. All relevant data are registered and can be retrieved any time. It also measures the exact remaining milk, if the lamb did not drink its total portion. If a lamb does not drink enough, the feeder Urban Alma Pro L will trigger an alarm immediately. That way you can react quickly.

Start screen with One Touch Overview-button

With this button you can obtain right away the list of all animals "to be observed"

Complete Herd Overview

Quick overview of fitness and feeding condition of the animals as well as their location. The grading system is visually supported by colours.

The food intake is monitored continuously and accurately

Measurement and control of the consumed amount of milk as well the remaining milk - on the milliliter

Documentation of the drinking behaviour (number of visits of the drinking station, duration of the visit and drinking speed)

Urban Alma Pro L accessories

Small assistants – big relief

Customize your Urban Alma Pro to your needs with the original Urban Accessories. We will be pleased to advise you about how to use the Urban Alma Pro efficiently on your farm.


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