Urban VitalControl

Urban VitalControl is an innovative tool for the collection of digital health records directly from the animal, suitable for a variety of different documentation and monitoring needs.

The device combines an animal transponder RFID reader with a rectal thermometer. Data exchange options: USB, WLAN, Bluetooth.

The device measures rectal temperature in calves and enables a digital animal assessment with immediate documentation of the visually determined condition.

The temperature of fresh cows or sows can be routinely recorded after calving or farrowing, thus facilitating early detection of mastitis.

DGL silver medal awarded to „VitalControl“ health management system

For this tool designed for health control and digital data management, which can also be used in other animal species and production branches, Urban GmbH & Co. KG was awarded by the DLG with the silver Innovation Award of the EuroTier 2018.

Alma Pro 8"

The clever solution for automatic calf feeding: Now,optionally the Alma Pro is, as an alternative to the 12" available with an  8" Touchscreen. Operation and data retrieval via touchscreen, tablet or smartphone within the own Touch-WLAN system is extremly simple like with the former system. The touch screen is mounted on a swiveling arm, making it easy to work with in the stable and in the calf box. The feed curve can be quickly created and adjusted.

An overview shows graphically the documentation of the drinking behavior (length of stay, number of visits, drinking speed). An alarm system colored like the traffic lights clearly shows if the calf has not drunk. Sick calves who drink less can be recognized and treated early. The residual milk quantity measurement documents the exact amount of milk that a calf has drunk, if it has not drunk the entire amount, can be retrieved at a later date.

The 8 "Touch has its own WLAN for one user and it can be connected up to 4 drinking stations (max 8m apart). The machine is made of high quality stainless steel with a powder supply of 35kg, which can be optionally upgraded to 55 kg. The mixing bowl for the milk is equipped with heating and temperature sensors, so that the milk always has a constant and optimal drinking temperature.Also to hygiene is, as with all Urban automatic feeders, paid attention: the machine is not only standard with a fully automatic cleaning program, with 2 cleaning detergents that are used in alternation, and the fly protection ensures that the milk quality is always optimal.

Urban platform scale

The platform scale for recording the weight of the animals either in the pen or in the feed alley or passageway. The scale can be linked to the automatic feeder and transmitsthe recorded weight values directly to the feeder. The feeder then calculates and visualises the daily weight gain of the animals –the most important performance parameter in calf rearing. The scale can be folded up and stands on castors for easy transport.

Automatic feeding of individual calf hutches

The tried and tested automatic feeder Alma Pro is now also available for group feeding as well as for single feeding and thus combines the new technology of the lifestart machine with the housing of the Alma. One feeder can supply up to 12 hutches or 8 hutches and two drinking stations (groups), with just one touchscreen.

New is the flow sensor FIT, which measures the drinking behavior and supplies the milk directly to the nipple/ teat. All drinking stations can be supplied with milk at the same time and are frost-resistant.
With all Urban automatic calf feeders, whole milk can be fed in proportions of 0 to 100%.

  • Fully automatic feeding and monitoring of calves in single and / or group housing from the 2nd day until they are weaned at one machine.
  • many little portions of milk feed throughout the day - like in nature
  • ad libitum or according to a feed curve .
  • The temperature measurement always guarantees perfectly tempered milk for the calf.
  • All calves can drink at the same time
  • Calf health monitoring at a glance
  • Convenient operation via TOUCH control unit or via smartphone, tablet or laptop
  • Comfortable residual milk quantity measurement
  • Practical mixing bol heating
  • Fully automatic cleaning of the machine with 2 cleaning agents alternately

All functions like the current urban automatic feeders.

Animal Evaluation App

Collecting health data about your animals can contribute to the long-term success of a farm. Collection date makes it is easier to locate the causes of the diseases. Urban has developed in collaboration with the University of Wisconsin, USA, a new  app to evaluate the animal health. With this app,animal health can be assessed by indicators such as respiratory conditions, nasal discharge, eyes, ears and coat. Also this app is compatible with the feeders.

  • Health data can be entered over a longer period of time
  • Data can be connected to the computer of the automatic calf feeder
  • Data can be transferred to the own computer

In this way you can accurately document the development of the calves (analysis of weight development, temperature and other health features)

Automatic feeder for lambs

Sometimes, not all lambs from a multiple birth can be suckled by their mothers. Successful motherless rearing of lambs by hand is very labour-intensive and time-consuming. Experts recommend feeding the animals restrictively several times a day with small amounts, as this prevents diarrhoea, promotes the growth of the lambs and supports the development of a healthy, high-performance adult animal. This is due to the so-called metabolic programming, which has a very positive effect on metabolic processes laterin life and ensures constant daily weight gain.

The Alma Pro L automatic feeder supports sheep and goat farmers in this task by supplying milk at the right temperature (milk replacer / whole milk) to the lambs flexibly around the clock taking into account their needs and welfare.Operation and data retrieval via the integrated swivel touch screen are very simple: Depending on its individual age, each animal is allocated the right amount of milk which is distributed throughout the day.Alma Pro L records a wide range of health parameters related to the drinking behaviour of each individual lamb. Changes in drinking behaviour can be a sign of a beginning disease. Alma Pro L registers these changes and puts the respective animal on an alarm list. This enables the animal keeper to react at an early stage. Alarm lists and other animal- and feeder-related data can even be retrieved via a smartphone.

In addition to optimum feed composition and frequency, feeding hygiene plays a decisive role: Alma Pro L cleans the entire hose system and all milk-carrying parts alternating two different cleaning agents. The cleaning process is fully automatic, thorough and reliable.The double feeding station equipped with antennae recognises each lamb by the corresponding ear tagwith transponder. The station is adjustable in width and height and grows with the lambs. The new FIT sensor enables parallel feeding at both suction points while simultaneously monitoring the consumed milk quantity. Each Alma Pro L feeder can supply up to 4 double feeding stations for lambs.

Urban MilkShuttle: additional cleaning nozzle

As a standard, the MilkShuttle is equipped with a semi-automatic rinsing programme. With this programme, the water circulates through the hose, thus cleaning it reliably. Cleaning time and water temperature are individually adjustable.

In addition to the standard rinsing programme, Urban offers a new cleaning nozzle. By putting the dosing nozzle in top of the lid,  the new additional cleaning nozzle will be supplied with water.  With this new system the lid of the MilkShuttle will automatically be cleaned too, saving an additional manual operation.

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