Urban Alma Pro

With the Urban Alma Pro, you can customize the amount of work in calf rearing economically, without sacrificing the animal welfare. Cleaning buckets, mixing portions and transporting milk are tasks that can be saved with the use of an automatic feeder. Urban Alma Pro units daily routine with work simplification:


Better by Experience

Innovations putting practice into practice: Since 1984, Urban has been developing, producing and distributing calf milk mixers, calf feeders and concentrate stations as well as animal-friendly rearing systems for calves. Calves kept in an outdoor environment and supplied by CalfMom feeders are healthy and vital; calf death losses are low. This early phase of the calf’s life already includes the metabolic pro- gramming for high milk and life performance as dairy cow from which you profit later on


Urban MilkShuttle

Power + convenience = Great ease of work

Feeding calves is heavy physical work, and moving 100 kg or more sev-eral times a day is not an infrequent occurrence. Coping with inclines, rough terrain, or ice and snow during the winter is especially difficult. So it‘s a good thing that Urban has a MilkShuttle for this. The electrically powered MilkShuttle lets you transport milk conveniently without effort, making even long distances to the calves‘ pen a snap.


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