Urban VitalControl

Urban VitalControl is a novel equipment for digital health control close to the animal, suitable for a variety
of documentation and monitoring tasks.

The device combines an RFID reader for animal transponders with a rectal fever thermometer.

Data transfer and exchange is possible via USB, WIFI or bluetooth

Flexible and expandable

Thanks to the flexible architecture of the system, it can be used wherever animal specific data needs
to be captured and stored.

In addition to these functions, the user performing a specific task can also be recorded.
Therefore the device is also ideal to implement consistent workflows or processes (including their control) within further workflows.

Connection to the Urban automatic feeder:

Urban VitalControl transfers the recorded temperature and assessment data via USB to the operating software where they are integrated into the health evaluation system of the feeder.

Animal health management system "VitalControl" awarded with the EuroTier silver medal.

Urban GmbH & Co. KG was awarded with the Innovation Award of the EuroTier 2018 in silver for this universally applicable device for animal health control and digital data management.

Various work and routine tasks supported by Urban VitalControl

  • Animal transponder scan
  • Temperature measurement
  • Weight recording

The integrated scanner assigns the temperature to the individual calf.

The VitalControl device measures the temperature of the calf and provides an assessment by showing a colour categorisation of the temperature.

Weigh recording with the Urban Calf Scale now also allows the weights of the calves to be determined and included in the health assessment. Coupled with the VitalControl, all data for health monitoring can be bundled and centrally managed.

Visual inspection

Simple assessment of the general status or extensive evaluation in the following categories:
feed consumption, consistency of faeces, respiratory disease

Connection to the feeder: VitalControl transfers the data via USB to the operating software where they are integrated into the health assessment algorithm.

VitalControl uses the collected data to generate alarm lists of conspicuous animals, and it is possible to create your own control lists.

Urban VitalControl